Monthly Archives: February 2016

News – February 2016

Potential New Site – As we start a new year of what we all hope will bring real progress and conciliation towards creating our Community Store and saving our valley post office, we are delighted to announce that we are working with the Village Hall Committee to explore the viability of the Community Store being housed in a new extension of the hall. The nitty gritty of the design will be considered later, right now we need to understand the impact of a commercial operation on the village hall’s constitution, funding and contractual framework for the store and village hall to be co-located. We hope to conclude this work by the end of the month.

Revised Drawings of Stand Alone Site  – Prior to receiving the proposal from the Village Hall Committee, we had revised the drawings & plans of the stand alone store. These new plans take into consideration the feedback we received following the exhibition. The store has been reduced in size, which has enabled it to be brought forward towards the road with parking to the right of the field gate. There is now no doubt that the fete and bonfire can continue unhindered. You can find the plans on our website.

Thank you to Bob – Finally, Bob Wood recently stepped down from the committee in order to reclaim his retirement! We thank him for taking on the Chairmanship and establishing the committee. It took considerable time and effort on his part and he made a significant contribution to pushing the project forward. We are very grateful to Richard Walker for joining us as our new Chairman.