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May 2017

As we left you at the turn of 2017 we were awaiting building quotes on the Village Hall extension and were ready to press the button on the fundraising programme this spring. So what’s happened? In short, it became apparent that the costs involved in extending the Village Hall were escalating for both the CVCS committee and the Village Hall Trustees, and the complications of building an extension to the Village Hall were too great to make the plan workable.

The CVCS and Village Hall committees remain fully committed to the project and are striving to bring the benefits of a community store to the Candover Valley. We do however need to make sure the building is value for money before asking you to invest.   We must give the store the best chance of long term success from the outset.

The latest news is that we have now agreed in principle to build a separate building next to the Village Hall, and standing mainly on its land. The building will look very similar to the plans already in place (see Extension to the Village Hall – Drawings and Plans) and be in the same location except for a fire gap between the two buildings.

We are considering a chalet-style timber building, pre-fabricated and assembled on site. Costs will be lower, the build time quicker and it will simplify the working relationship between the CVCS and Village Hall Trustees going forward. We hope to be able to report more progress next month.

Please be assured that we are still working hard to make the store and post office a reality. Once again, our huge thanks to Rob and Jane at Canterton Stores for their incredible patience.