May 30th Update from the Committee

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fund raising effort so far. To date we have received £85,000 towards our target of £200,000.

The plan is to raise funds by seeking donations and grants and by creating the share membership scheme.

A substantial sum has already been donated thanks to a number of generous local people. The first major grant application will be made in June and now shares are on offer to the public.

By buying one or more shares in the Community Store (CVCS Ltd) anyone can become a member, which both helps financially and shows support for the project.

It is important to have a large number of members from the community, in order to access grants.

We are halfway through the 2 month window when the share membership scheme is open.

Money is coming through but we need to continue the momentum.

We truly believe that a new shop and post office will be of huge practical and social benefit to the Candover Valley.

This is an opportunity to create a worthwhile and lasting community asset.

Each and every person can be involved by buying shares and contributing from £20 to £2000.

Each house should have received a pack and application form but if you have not, they are available in the Canterton Stores or to download from the website

Let’s Make This Happen